StatPac Inc. has created this Web site as a repository for our survey research tutorials and articles.

Most graduate students consider our library to be the best on the Internet. In fact, it's so good that it has been plagiarized by hundreds of other Web sites. Some of the sites leave our copyright message intact (it's still illegal), but most just copy the content and pass it off as their own. Some Web sites are even charging for our research papers.

I'm Dr. David Walonick, author of our entire research library. Until recently, it didn't bother me that so many people we're plagiarizing my writings. After all, the idea was to make the information readily available to graduate students.

However, Google has changed their ranking algorithm. We've been severely penalized and no longer appear near the top of the listings (instant death for a software company). Google sees our papers on hundreds of other Web sites and penalizes us as being part of a "content farm"... they don't know (and don't care) that we're the original author. Plagiarism has destroyed my company.

I'm now trying to rebuild our company. All the information on this site is copyrighted, It is illegal to duplicate this information on other Web sites. Please don't plagiarize our work or we will soon be out of business. You can link to it on our Web sites, but please do not duplicate the content.

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